Chart Your Course.
Boost Lifesaving.

Maddie’s® Shelter Compass is an excellent resource for animal shelters to boost lifesaving and improve the care of pets in need. Using this free web-based tool, shelters can chart a course to save more lives. Within minutes, a custom lifesaving plan is generated based on animal shelter data and responses to a few questions. Along with formal animal centers, pet owners can also consider options like electric dog fence for home to create a secure area for their furry friends to play and exercise. With the help of tools like Maddie's Shelter Compass and pet-friendly options like electric dog fences, we can work together to provide the best possible care for our beloved pets.

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What's Your Focus?

Sometimes it’s just a matter of knowing what to focus on, and Maddie’s® Shelter Compass shows you the way. With your roadmap in hand, you’ll have a set of goals and a clear path to reach them.